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Total Solution Framework


Exponential Impact's Total Solution Framework and approach is one of our key differentiators.

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Total Solution Framework:

◊  Discovery  Discovery and needs analysis tailored to customer-specific timelines and business challenges.
◊  Planning  Implementation planning, execution and governance tailored to customer-specific resourcing competency levels.
◊  Mapping  Solution set mapping tailored to leverage existing solutions and processes, and aligned with budget considerations.
◊  Definition  Solution set definition can include the following:
  • Robust and reliable enterprise software (deployed as a unified platform or separate modules).
  • E-learning and other content assets.
  • Analytics and reporting tools.
  • Web services for leveraging 3rd party tools.
  • Wide range of value-add services.
◊  Deployment  Solution set deployment tailored to the optimal strategy for each customer (phased, quick, or a hybrid).
◊  Follow-Up  On-going progress checkpoints and action plans assessed and developed in complete partnership with each customer.