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Where We Are Going

Exponential Impact as an organization is very committed to one vision and fundamental goal: to provide the most flexible, valuable, and reliable enterprise solutions and services.  Core HRIS, Talent Management, Learning Management, and Payroll modules are particularly well-suited for small-to-medium sized organizations. Our future has never been as bright as it is today!


We work very closely with customer end-users, subject matter experts and practitioners, and industry thought leaders to plan the direction and on-going build-out of our talent management solution suite. We listen and align our product features with customer and market needs to address critical business challenges. Drake International offers solutions that are readily adaptable and scalable to customer business needs.  

Continuous Improvement

All market-leading enterprise solutions are continuously improved upon with each release. So how is the Exponential Impact solution different? All our product release cycles include R&D efforts related to 3 core themes: 

  • Customer Satisfaction and Retention
  • Product Innovation
  • Overall Usability

This disciplined approach ensures that we serve as a trusted, long-term business partner to our great customers, while continuing to expand our customer base on a global scale.


You can expect Drake's solutions to always reflect key market trends in the Talent Management and Human Resources arena, and to always have the "abilities" on our product radar: